Friday, March 21, 2008

Flash modifiers

I have been meaning to test these two flash modifiers (an OFFICIAL A Better Bounce Card [ABBC] and a Gary Fong Origami). Backwards means that the flash is being reflected backwards and diffused forward. Forward means that the flash is being reflected forward. This is the white door to my office shot outside at about 7:34 AM with heavy overcast. Camera settings were ISO 100, F16, 1/200 and the flash was manual 1/1 powered by a Quantum 2x2 to ensure full, fast recycle.

The first image is ABBC Backwards.

The second image is ABBC Forward.

The third image is Fong Backwards.

The final image is Fong Forwards.

My conclusion is that my sensor is really dirty! ABBC white makes a fine gobo. No need for a black one like Neil Van Niekerk likes. It looks like almost nothing comes through. The Gary Fong Origami seems pretty much the same either way, although there seems to be a slight difference in color. I think that the ABBC is the best way to go for what I want to do.