Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Before and After

In my previous post about natural looking flash, I did not have before and after shots. Understandably, I could not take the chance to do before and after shots of the bride and her mom coming up the aisle. But I did do before and after shots as I was waiting.

This is what the ambient light looked like in the church. Remember, this was ISO 1600, F4.0 at 1/60th.

This is what happened when I added a little flash bounced from that wall.

What a difference with a little flash added to the mix. Of course it helps to have fast glass and a camera that looks great at ISO 1600. But remember, this will likely never be more than a 4x6 image or a small part of a layout in a digital album. Any noise will likely never be seen at those sizes.

Take your camera and try this. Do it at home, do it with your child, or your cat. But do it and get comfortable with it. Try things on your own time, so when you are on the clock, you can pull it off. Remember, learn the trade, not just the tricks of the trade.

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