Monday, July 2, 2007

Location Portrait of the Groom

Last Saturday I had the chance to photograph the groom and his party at a very cool location. It was the Dominican University Priory (thanks, Marisa, for suggesting that he pick an location other than the church). After doing the traditional photos, I looked around for something different and found an architectural element that I liked.

The entrance to the chapel had arched walkways. I placed the groom under one archway and shot through another to give more depth and interest. I placed the groom's back to the sun and spot-metered off his black coat. I underexposed his coat by two stops to keep it black. The direct sunlight on his shoulders provided a strong separation light. Then, the sunlight reflecting off the stone to his right provided the light on his face. It is split lighting, but I liked the effect on his face. I could have had him turn his chin to his right and had a more traditional light pattern, but I thought this worked for him. It seemed more masculine to me.

I posed the groom with his feet a little more than shoulder width apart and square to the camera. You would normally turn the subject slightly to one side or the other, but this groom was so extraordinarily thin that I wanted to make him look bigger and broader. His hands are in his pockets and I had him bring his elbows out from his body just a bit. This made him look wider and stronger.

I used a 70-200VR lens on a tripod to compress the image.

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