Saturday, July 14, 2007

Why you need to test

Last time I said I marked the floor of my garage with two marks ten feet apart. Yesterday I got the Nikon SB-28 speedlight I bought on eBay (gotta love that place). I tested my current SB800 against the newcomer to get an idea of relative power. Here are the results at full power ISO 100 at 10 feet.

Zoom SB28 SB800
24mm f4.0.9 f5.6.1
28mm f5.6.0 f5.6.3
35mm f5.6.4 f5.6.8
50mm f5.6.8 f8.0.1
70mm f8.0.1 f8.0.4
85mm f8.0.3 f8.0.6

It looks like the SB800 is consistantly about 1/3 stop stronger. That could be due to the age of the capacitors in the SB28. But now I know that they are pretty much the same. I think a third of stop is pretty close.

Now I have two similarly powered speedlights (and I just got the PC male to PC male sync cords) so I can do some of the cool stuff that David Hobby talks about on the Strobist (see links). Have fun and keep shooting.

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